Amongst a raft of materials, components, fittings and machinery and equipment, NEY has added decorative panels with UV coated high gloss and super matt surface finishes to its impressive range.

Responding to market demand, these new trend panels have been well accepted by consumers, with the new colour ranges creating another taste and dimension, in kitchens, bathrooms, sliding doors and dining rooms.

NEY will stock 30 different colours and designs, under its UK stock collection range banner with more than 100 solid colours, woodgrains, metallic, hologram and fantasia décors available to order, under the global collection range.

The PVC and PET high gloss and super matt panels have improved benefits for customers such as anti-scratch resisitance, light resisitance and continous colour stability, thanks to a new UV coating technology.

New trend PVC and PET high gloss boards are laminated to 300 microns which gives consistency of surface application and excellent high gloss levels.

The panel dimensions are 1220 x 2800mm which enables perfect optimisation, as tall cabinets up to 2800mm high can be made in a single piece, available with a thickness of 18mm.

The panels come with a protective film on the surface and a standard foil backing. The panels can also be supplied with the same colour surface front and back.

Unlike acrylic surfaces, when, after removing the protective film, up to 24 hours is required for the surface to cure before it can be used or cleaned, the new panels can be used as soon as the protective film has been removed.

For further information contact Adrian Masters on 02476 308100.