“We have developed infrared heat products for a lot of industrial processes,” says Alan Penman, Victory’s MD. "We saw that we could put this experience to use in the furniture industry as we realised that often manufacturers have to wait for finishes to dry before they can carry on working. They needed a way to quickly dry finishes on products such as furniture panels, doors and window frames. Our technology was the perfect answer.”

The system comprises a drying cabinet equipped with four infrared cassettes. The cabinet has been designed to accommodate a mobile racking unit, so it can be located well away from the spraying or painting area. The racking can be loaded with painted product and then simply wheeled away, into the drying cabinet.

Alan explains that another benefit of the system is reduction of dust problems. “The drying process is fast and doesn’t involve any air movements and is of course in an enclosed cabinet, so dust problems are largely eliminated”, he says. “In fact, the whole workflow is improved and manufacturers can work more efficiently and increase productivity.”

Supplied in flat pack format with easy-to-follow assembly instructions, the Fast Bake Oven is supplied with 4 x 1500W cassettes – each mountable in three height positions. The cassettes are fully dimmable, so heat can be controlled to suit individual jobs. Optional controllers are also available on request.

The system can be customised to suit the customers’ requirements.

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