After many years in service Hoffmann’s ever-popular MU-2 is being superseded by the new generation MU-3 series. 

The reason behind this enhanced design has been the desire, from customers, for ever increasing and diverse applications for the Hoffmann jointing system. Hoffmann now offers many new functions and refinements on the MU-3. 

When redesigning this machine Hoffmann was careful to include the ability to attach all existing accessories on the new MU-3. These accessories – many of which are unique to the UK market – have evolved over the last 20 years

Ergonomic and with a user-friendly design, the Hoffmann MU-3 is available in four versions: Basic; Digital, with electronic display of the routing depth and router position; Pneumatic, for increased production rates and a PD Pneumatic/Digital version for maximum ease of use.

The MU-3’s highlights are: an increased routing depth to 95mm and work-piece height of 140/170mm; a digital display of the router position – adjustment of the centre fence) – and the routing depth as well as flip-stop positions; Vernier adjustment of the motor position – fine adjustment of the joint/key tension; table extensions to suit customer’s individual requirements; fence-stop supports for tall or narrow work-pieces; adjustable support fences for cornices and centre-line location jig.

Various versions of the new generation Hoffmann MU-3 were displayed and demonstrated at the North of England Woodworking Show in November.

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