Symphony Coatings, a premier independent UK supplier of professional and technically-advanced wood finishes and metal coatings, has been chosen by impra to be its exclusive partner for the professional impra-lan range.

impra is a German brand that offers high-quality surface coating systems and timber impregnation protection from Rütgers Organics. Established over 140 years ago, it has become a market leader through continual research and innovation. impra-lan is the company’s professional range of water-based coatings for external timber.

Manfred Oberreiter, impra’s European sales director, says: “Following our great success with the range in Germany and Europe we are very pleased to be in partnership with Symphony Coatings to supply our impra-lan range in the UK. Symphony are able provide full national coverage with rapid colour matching and full technical support to our many customers.”

James Nuttall, Symphony Coatings’ group purchasing manager, adds: “We have been selling impra wood coatings in several of our depots for many years, and extensive testing and feedback from customers has shown the range to have excellent performance in even the most challenging of environments. 

“Through our partnership with impra, we have been able to expand our capability and supply the market-leading range from all of our 10 depots across the country, with full local colour matching and next-day delivery.”

The impra-lan range is a water-based system for industrial surface coating of timber, and has been designed to give a long-lasting and attractive finish, whatever the species, colour or application method.

The impra-Ian range is able to offer high protection against UV damage and wood rot, providing a higher-quality finish over a longer lifetime. Symphony Coatings’ rapid colour-matching service is available across the UK, meaning customers can get any colour their project requires, from internationally-recognised colour standards to a bespoke colour match.

impra’s translucent systems accentuate the wood’s properties, whilst giving it an attractive natural look and protection from the elements. Where this finish is required, Symphony recommends the impra-lan-Grund G100 Primer and impra-lan-Lasur S100 Topcoat systems. Impressive results have been achieved with the impra translucent system, and the range has been certified in accordance with DIN EN 927-2 guidelines.

impra-lan-Grund G100 transparent wood stain enhances the natural grain of timber. The stain can deluge by dipping or spraying, and is tintable to nearly any colour required. G100 does not contain biocides, and protects against mould and algae. Its low grain raising provides strong adhesion and is suitable for dimensionally stable and unstable wooden elements such as windows and exterior cladding. The film is moisture regulating, breathable, dries evenly and is weather resistant soon after application.

impra-lan-Lasur S100 is the high-solids, transparent, water-based, film-forming intermediate and top coat. It has a very high level of transparency and a silk gloss finish.

In woods rich in ingredients, impra’s Opaque systems offer good protection against discoloration in conjunction with their isolating primers. Wood has to be protected against the elements so problems do not arise – should moisture ever penetrate, the isolating primer and intermediate coating impra-lan-Füller F350 offer a dependable protection against discoloration and wood extractives. Wood protection and priming are reached in just one step, saving time and money.

Primers are the link between wooden surfaces and coating. impra-lan-Vorlack V100 is a white intermediate coat with good isolating properties against soluble timber ingredients, in a one-coat application. impra-lan-Vorlack V100 is ideal for hard and soft wood, doors and window frames.

The Opaque topcoats are particularly tough, and give wooden windows and doors a significantly greater durability. impra-lan-Decklack D100 is a top coat with extremely high covering properties and extended resistance to weathering. It is highly elastic, block resistant and very good at covering edges. Symphony Coatings can tint to any colour desired, including RAL, NCS, Pantone and more.