This spring, Homag premiered an extension to its finishing technology product range. Announced at Ligna 2017, the all-new GSF 100 series offers a compact spraying solution for furniture parts, doors, stairs, and interior fitting elements. Ideally suited to small- and medium-sized companies, the GSF is the perfect machine to step up into the world of automated painting and lacquering.

Equipped with a reciprocating arm and four spray guns, these machines feature a fully automated vacuum conveyor belt to transport workpieces for completely flexible, throughput efficiency. The GSF 100 can be used as both a stand-alone spray machine or as part of an extensive finishing line.  

The integration of an automated paint application system ensures that a continuously high quality finish is achieved with every job. This reduces the amount of overspray waste, consequently enhancing cost savings for the user. The cost efficiencies are also boosted via the GSF’s intelligent workpiece detection system. A high resolution light grid accurately identifies the contours of each part, precisely controlling the paint flow of the individual spray guns. 

In the standard specification, the large machine filters are easily accessible and replaceable for simplicity of cleaning and general maintenance. This feature reduces the effort required from the operators in terms of the upkeep of the machine. In addition, the introduction of automatic spraying within production significantly increases the working conditions for employees. 

This is a result of the reduction in paint exposure as well as a reduced workload pressure produced when using manual paint application. The GSF 100 can provide consistently high quality painting or lacquering for up to 2400 parts per shift.

Homag GSF 100 S – automated spraying with an added throughfeed alternative

The GSF 100 S has been specifically developed to offer the market an efficient alternative to manual spraying. Enhancing the automated spraying application process, this model has been purposely built to deliver low operating costs at an affordable investment level.

Equipped with a complete throughfeed transport belt, workpieces are effortlessly fed into the spray booth on individual trays. Once the spraying process is complete, the parts continue to be conveyed out of the machine to the end of the belt. Especially designed to transport even the smallest of parts, this model widens the opportunity of production possibilities.

Homag GSF 100 SH – enhancing spraying technology with automated efficiencies

With the GSF 100 SH, Homag offers an automated workpiece handling concept for the loading and unloading of parts. Based on the standard GSF 100 range of features, the SH model is capable of one-man operation.

Using an innovatively designed infeed system, components are gently guided into the spray booth. Once the spraying process is complete the parts are then reloaded back on the workpiece loading trolley. This concept provides an easy, flexible and reliable finishing solution that requires low personnel and, due to its compact design, low production space.

The GSF 100 SH can be adapted and individually specified to meet the production demands of the manufacturer. Specific functions can be incorporated to the standard model to offer increased flexibility. Combining a two-way loading function provides uninterrupted operating cycles. Subsequently, this doubles the amount of workpieces within the machine, since one loading rack can be changed whilst the other batch is in operation.

Furthermore, the largest of production volumes can be achieved on the GSF 100 SH by doubling both the automated concepts of loading and unloading. The use of a two-way loading function at both sides of the machine delivers an almost self-sufficient concept, significantly increasing efficiency in production.

The new GSF range of machinery from Homag opens up the possibilities for cost effective automatic spraying technology at all levels of industry. With flexible payment plans available from Homag Finance, these machines have never been so affordable.

For more information or a demonstration of the Homag GSF 100 spraying machines, contact Adele Hunt at Homag UK on 01332 856424.