The latest release of Cabinet Vision – Vero Software’s industry-leading manufacturing solution for woodworkers – includes a powerful new photo rendering engine, geared specifically towards the design market.

It provides a massive enhancement on the rendering capabilities in previous versions, and now gives designers almost photo-like images which manufacturers can use as a sales tool to show their own customers exactly what the products will look like in situ.

As well as the high-end photo rendering engine, which gives results comparable to mainstream, generic design packages, Cabinet Vision Version 11 also incorporates a host of other design features.  

Cabinet Vision’s UK northern sales manager, Harry Hunter, says the simplified lighting function means that natural-looking light for the images can be created quickly and easily.  

“Also, any object can now be selected and modified in the 3D view. Designers simply click on a cabinet and change the finish type, material and texture just on that one item from any 3D view. This is all done at the job level, so you don’t have to come out of job level – it’s all done specifically for the one job.

“And major improvements to the Auto-Fill system save considerable time, by allowing the user to automatically fill a room with cabinets easily and intelligently, through a single click.”

Harry Hunter says following Cabinet Vision’s long-term recognition as the market leader in cabinetry manufacturing software – driving almost all CNC machines, producing cutlists and pricing – developers wanted to provide one complete package from the initial design stage, right through to the product coming off the CNC machine tool.

“Previously, users would draw up rooms and layouts in a generic design package, which then had to be transferred manually into Cabinet Vision. As with any manual process, this led to a risk of human error. Now, with Cabinet Vision’s new high-end photo rendering capabilities, and additional design-led features, they can manage every step of the design and manufacturing process without having to transfer data between systems, which is faster and more accurate.”

And with the software being a specialist tool dedicated to cabinet making, he says it offers complete freedom in designing all aspects of cabinets and cabinetry items. “Drawing offices can design whatever they want, render it, produce a cut list and price list, or send it straight through to the CNC machine. It’s now a complete solution, providing a seamless transition from state-of-the-art design to manufacturing.”  

The first public showing of Cabinet Vision Version 11 will be on stand N138 at KBB Birmingham 2018 at the NEC in Birmingham in March.