The new Makita twin 18V cordless plunge saw, with 36V brushless motor, generates as much power as the AC mains machine that can drive the 165mm blade up to 6300rpm, and provide a maximum cutting depth of 56mm with the vertical blade setting.

A plunge saw is designed to achieve a finer cut edge than a traditional circular saw when cutting sheet material using a guide rail.  As the name implies, entry into the material does not need to be at an edge, thus enabling large openings to be cut accurately in worktops for hob or sink installations.  

The accurate depth control can be used to open flooring timber without risk to concealed pipes below the flooring.  A plunge saw and guide rail requires far less room on site to operate than a table saw and fence for cutting sheet material or long runs of boarding.

This new Makita DSP600ZJ LXT plunge saw utilises the same saw housing, base plate assembly and blade drive as the mains machine and delivers almost identical performance.  This saw is powered by two 18V lithium-ion batteries in series which supplies energy to the powerful 36V DC motor drive system. With one battery forward of the drive line and one at the rear, exceptional balance and stability in operation is achieved. 

Equipped with dial variable speed control, soft start and electric brake, the new DSP600ZJ features ADT, the innovative Automatic Torque Drive Technology, which automatically changes the cutting speed for optimum operation; effectively by sensing the load conditions on the blade and adjusting the power supply will maintain drive shaft speed.

The 165mm blade will give a maximum cutting depth of 56mm at 0°, 40mm at 45° and 38mm at the maximum bevel angle of 48°. The narrow blade housing allows the plunge blade to operate just 18mm away from a vertical wall. The rigid base plate is designed to fit the Makita guide rail and has the capacity to fit a slide-out edge rail for panel trimming.

The bevel range is -1° to +48° and the position of the cutting line is always the same regardless of the bevel angle. Splinter-free cutting is achieved by engaging the depth stop which enables a 2mm preliminary groove to be cut before the full depth of cut is made.

The new Makita DSP600ZJ 36V cordless plunge saw is supplied as a body-only machine in a type 4 Makpac connector case for total protection.