Interior furniture design in recent years has all been about colour, greys in particular, as we know. Now this trend has extended into woodgrains with popular choices either being grey in tone or suitable partners for the grey solid colours.

Renolit introduces a number of woodgrain decors from their most recent 3D thermoformable film introductions and show how they can be combined with new, classic and bold modern solid colours to provide interior designers with a new array of possibilities.

Rockford Hickory Light

Rockford Hickory

Hickory wood in nature displays characteristics of being very hard, firm, dense and shock resistant.  Reproduced by Renolit as a 3D thermoformable film, the light, medium and dark colour variations represent this combination of strength, toughness, and hardness. The depth of the design is created by light pores and contrasting cathedrals. Variation of pattern and colour emphasizes the designs’ natural beauty.

Light Rockford Hickory: ideal for bedrooms and living spaces to provide a bright and airy atmosphere to either small or spacious rooms. Perfect for new build properties against magnolia or white backgrounds. For a modern statement pair with bold colours such as Dried Date Supermatt or Dried Mango Supermatt.

Natural Rockford Hickory: best suited to kitchens and interior furniture, the warm golden tones of Natural Rockford Hickory sit comfortably in a traditional room setting. Create a classic but contemporary appearance combined with Mussel Suedette Matt, and jazz it up with Bronze Metallic.

Dark Rockford Hickory: the deep rich tones create a warm sophisticated look. Pair with Stone Grey Suedette Matt for a statement look against neutral colours or mix with Conifer Green to fit with the latest nature trend.

Ribeira Ash Painted Q

Presented in its own shade of taupe in a horizontal orientation, the bright and charismatic design conveys Scandinavian freshness and strong light-dark contrasts. Vibrant growth rings, prominent cathedrals and subtly curved lines give the décor a powerful elegance.

The structured emboss underlines the liveliness of the design with a deep feel and natural variety. With multi-functional appeal, this design works well in furniture, kitchen and bathroom installations in combination with Pearl Grey Suedette Matt and Cement Supermatt.

Nordic Wood

Aa subtle design, Nordic Wood consists of a natural grain, soft lines and neutral tones. Characterized by simplicity, minimalism and functionality. 

Grey Nordic Wood

Grey Nordic Wood introduces a soft natural white-grey tone for a warmer finish making a dynamic addition to bathroom furniture.

The neutral tones can mix with a variety of colour to transform the atmosphere; White Grey Suedette Matt to keep it fresh and light, Century Wolfram Grey adds sophistication, or Vibration Supermatt to bring in a delightful bold trend colour.

White Nordic Wood

White Nordic Wood shouts archetypical Scandinavian. Complete the crisp light look with Denim Suedette Matt or Northern Lights Supermatt.

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