Salice is constantly designing furniture fittings that exceed the expectations of performance, and one such example is its Silentia+ hinge which, within the dimensions and shape identical to the previous generation, incorporates new double-piston technology and an adjustment switch. 

These features allow users to adopt Silentia+ without changing the mounting plate, drilling process or hinge insertion.

Split Cucina

The new integrated soft-close technology with twin silicone oil dampers guarantees an exceptional consistency of decelerating strength.  Silentia+ is also equipped with an adjuster switch to deliver the closing action best suited to any size and weight of furniture door.

Split: dividing to organise in the most personal way

Split Bagno

Available in 300 combinations of colour, texture and size, Split is a range of dividing and storage compartments that enable the end user to tailor drawer interiors to individual taste – extremely important for the growing sector of the market that demands greater personalisation and individuality.

Split is compatible with Salice’s Lineabox drawer system and all other types of metal and wooden drawers.

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