Live at Homag Treff 2018, the world market leader unveiled the new additions to its Sawteq range – the B-300 and B-400 flexTec models. The new generation of Homag robotic saws offer unlimited flexibility as they are capable of complete automated production with robotic handling as well as reverting back to manual operation. 

Highly efficient batch size one production

The new B-300 and B-400 models offer complete robotic handling from positioning and loading parts through to unloading and stacking finished workpieces. Previously, saw technology relied on manual handling and workpiece loading which was not only time consuming but also put great physical strain on employees. This is especially evident during batch size one production where machine operators are required to feed and remove parts at high volumes. 

However, the B-300 and B-400 saws are highly efficient at producing batch size one workpieces at volumes of up to 800 parts per shift. With robotic handling, the saws are able to carry out unmanned batch size one production in automatic mode. This allows manpower to be used elsewhere in the production process, free-ing up resources for an extremely efficient workflow.

The SAWTEQ B-300 and B-400 models offer complete robotic handling including the loading and unloading of workpieces

Flexible production

During the production process, manual operation is occasionally required for some facilities and the B-300 and B-400 models are capable of switching to manual mode as needed. This allows manufacturers to cut shaped materials that cannot be moved by the robot or the storage system such as thin parts or profile workpieces.

The option of being able to change between automated handling and manual operation allows for flexible production and reduces the need for multiple machines. It also keeps production lean as machine operators are only required for certain tasks, allowing them to assist in other areas when needed. 

A further benefit of the new saw models being able to revert to manual operation is that it is possible to cut books of panels for faster, more efficient, production. It also makes the saws capable of dividing thin panels and carrying out special functions such as panel grooving for maximum versatility. 

An adaptable solution 

With a variety of available options and add-ons, including feeding and de-stacking facilities, the new saws are customisable for individual solutions. The Sawteq B-300 and B-400 models are compatible with a range of Homag feeding and de-stacking options for maximum production efficiency, from side tables for use with robot automation through to high-performance storage systems.

The B-300 and B-400 models can also be paired with Homag’s range of lifting tables for automated pallet de-stacking. De-stacking options can be used both in manual mode for the unloading of pallets and workpieces or with a robot to create finished workpiece stacks. Both the Sawteq B-300 and B-400 flexTec models are available with up to five lifting tables in various combinations for automatic batch size one production. 

intelliDivide – intelligent machining solution 

For maximum efficiency, the Sawteq B-300 and B-400 saws can be paired with Homag’s intelliDivide software. The software offers optimisation on demand as it displays information that proposes the best machining method to reduce production times, waste and part handling. Available directly from the tapio cloud, intelliDivide doesn’t require any software installation and can be used anywhere with Internet access. Furthermore, customers only pay for what they use; there is no up-front investment cost.

To see a demonstration of Homag’s Sawteq range or receive further information, call Adele Hunt at Homag UK on 01332 856424.