With their outstanding Italian design, furniture surfaces from Cleaf inspire architects and furniture manufactureres all over the world. Ostermann has just added a great number of new edgings to its range that match the décors of the popular Italian manufacturer.

The Cleaf décor collection convinces with high-quality melamine surfaces combined with Italian creativity and the highest standards in processing. For Cleaf, the feel of a surface is just as important as an innovative look. Light reflections and the interplay of expressive structures produce a natural play of colours and add a tactile and visual dimension to modern décors.

Ostermann has just added many new edgings matching Cleaf's surfaces to its range

Ostermann has the matching edgings

Considering the special look with unique matt and gloss effects, it has been a real challenge for Ostermann this time to develop the matching edgings. Nevertheless, the result is amazing. The new Ostermann edgings do not only convince by being a perfect match in colour. The extraordinary light reflections of the surfaces can be found in many Ostermann edgings, as well.

Fast delivery from 1m

The edgings specialist delivers the new edgings to the Cleaf surfaces in the standard widths 23, 33, 43 and 100 x 1mm and from a length of 1m. It can also cut these edgings to any desired width up to 100mm upon request. All stock articles ordered before 4pm are delivered within 24 hours.