Established since 1977, Jet Press supplies and supports tee nut insertion systems to many of the UK’s top furniture manufacturers. 

One inch timber rivet tee nuts provide a fast, deeper and straighter tee nut insertion, helping to achieve a superior quality product whilst maintaining production efficiency. However, this has not always been the case.

Standard knock-in tee nuts have been around for many years. These are still widely used wherever a simple but effective thread is required in timber. Nevertheless, industry demands have prompted the humble tee nut to evolve. Jet Press’s manufacturing partner, Sigma, has been at the forefront of this evolution.

During the 1960s the first four-prong tee nut with its familiar eight sides was manufactured by Sigma. Tee nuts could be fed efficiently and reliably by machine thus improving speed, accuracy and productivity. Nonetheless, furniture manufacturers faced problems in certain applications with push-out. This was costly to manufacturers as repairs, re-upholstery and scrapping of the furniture was a regular issue.

There are many advantages for using 25.5mm rivet tee nuts on one inch timber applications. Greater strength and pull-through resistance combined with a large head, results in a faster, deeper and straighter tee nut insertion.

Manufactured from cold forged, thicker gauge steel, these one inch timber rivet tee nuts are typically used in the foot and castor applications, where the extra hold-in is crucial. The metal prongs prevent rotation and the unthreaded rivet portion flares to increase the holding power of the tee nut. The result is a great lead-in and better retention of the castors, legs or feet which then screw into the threaded tee nut. Additionally there is the benefit from the tee nut resisting push-out along with easier assembly and eliminating the requirement for over-stapling. 

Jet Press carries extensive stock in a wide variety of sizes and designs to ensure it is well placed to manage tee nut requirements along with the availability of tee nut insertion machines.

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