A traditional kitchen is one of the most popular and versatile style concepts that includes several design elements, including warm colours and symmetrical lines and which allows homeowners to feel comfortable and elegant at the same time.

A modern contemporary interpretation of traditional combines new fresh woodgrain designs with plain colours in matt or supermatt textured surfaces. Keep an installation current by connecting up-to-date decors with the latest trend toned solid colour doors or within the surrounding room by the use of accessories and soft furnishings.

Renolit Alkoren Natural Kendal Oak with Wave Blue

Oak remains a firm favourite in this genre. Renolit Alkoren Kendal Oak is a smooth oak with subtle details and an even uniformity of colour. A gentle linear structure flows around attractively proportioned swirling knots. The surface has a light distribution of linear pores giving it a natural look with a velvety, pleasant touch.

An alternative contender, and a break from the norm, is the up-and-coming Rockford Hickory. One the latest new décor’s on offer in Renolit’s stock range, it is robust and versatile. This sophisticated design is created by light pores and contrasting cathedrals. 

Renolit Alkoren White Grey Modern Ash 

ariation of pattern and colour emphasises its inherent beauty. Complement with the subtle tone of Stone Grey Supermatt and a fresh forest green to create a traditional effect with modern appeal.

A more recent development of a traditional kitchen is the appearance of painted look woodgrain textured single colour doors that give a modern twist to conventional kitchen design.

Painted timber look, such as Renolit’s 3D thermoformable Modern Ash, is particularly suited to present-day new build homes where the owner desires the quality and design statement associated with a traditional kitchen but in a smaller space where a full woodgrain décor may be domineering. Modern Ash is a deep, visual ash structured surface emboss which creates an up-to-date contemporary painted timber finish – a style which fits well with a variety of five-piece or routered door styles. 

Renolit Alkoren Onyx Grey Modern Ash

The Modern Ash emboss matches Egger’s ST27 and Renolit offers a wide spectrum of seven colours. Illustrated here are two different colourways; dark and light to illustrate how trending accessorising or a change of wall paint will have a dramatic effect on the overall feel of a kitchen. 

The dramatic dark colour of Onyx Grey provides a statement to any room. Needing little to lift the effect further it can be easily combined with a variety of colours to meet the individual’s preferences. Onyx Grey is shown here combined with Tin Plate, OakENDgrain Delight or Fern to create a pleasant interior.

At the other end of the spectrum, the soft light tone of White Grey Modern Ash provides an ideal backdrop which can be enriched with bolder woodgrain designs such as Inedito 1 SC, or by adding warm metallic Rose Gold to provide a bright and cheerful atmosphere.

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