Rubio Monocoat has been a leading reference for top-quality protection and colouring of both interior and exterior timber for over ten years. With 80 different countries, and 30,000,000 sq m of treated timber per year, Rubio Monocoat is becoming a well-known partner for professionals with high demands. 

In addition to the treatment of timber floors, decks, cladding, etc., Rubio Monocoat products are also perfectly suited for treating tables, chairs and other types of timber furniture; interior as well as exterior.

Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C is the company’s premium product for interior use, which protects and colours timber in a single layer. The revolutionary technology of molecular binding makes the oil connect with the timber fibres, without forming a film or chance of overlapping. The oil is available in 40 standard colours and is 100% environmentally friendly.

This principal of a single layer application also applies for the Hybrid Wood Protector, our oil for exterior use which is available in 12 natural timber colours and eight trendy pop colours. 

Rubio Monocoat also provides pre-colours for a more intense colour, as well as its latest range of pre-aging products, which gives new timber an aged look.

Next to the oils for interior and exterior timber, Rubio Monocoat provides a full range of aftercare products to keep timber in great shape for years to come, as well as solutions for specific stains. 

Rubio Monocoat says that it is the first in the wood treatment sector to be awarded the Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold label certification. This it says, is a sign of the company’s focus on quality and contribution to a healthy indoor environment. 

The label combines the most relevant emission specifications and requirements in Europe in one certification.

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