In a world that is moving towards flexible and batch one production, nesting technology is certainly a focal point for furniture manufacturers. The possibility to carry out a great number of machining operations and also to manage also shaped pieces, allows producers a greater flexibility to carry out most operations on a single numerically-controlled machine.

With the benefit of nesting there are some limitations to traditional nesting machines. The three main issues that are strictly connected with the nesting process are spoil board management, productivity – when compared with beam saws) and holding capacity on small pieces.

SCM has designed, developed and tested innovative solutions to overcome these issues for the customers and gives them the opportunity to improve their productivity and flexibility at the same time. 

The results of work done in recent years is reflected in the new NeXting CNC machines Morbidelli x200 and x400.

A spoilboard is a necessary requirement for nesting as it would not be possible to work directly on the machine’s table without damaging it. However, this brings with it a series of complexities that must be managed by the operators – starting from the skimming, up to the change of spoilboards that have ended their useful life, or the removal of the spoilboard, when there is a need to work with pods or jigs that must be fixed on the machine’s table.

The NeXting Generation of SCM machines has exclusive and innovative features which allow the customer to manage the spoilboard in the easiest possible way, simply not removing it as previously required: executing horizontal drilling on the panel or placing vacuum cups on the table are operations which are involving nothing else but dedicated units with a great saving of time in managing the machine thus increasing flexibility and productivity.

Other important innovations introduced concentrates on the ability of the machine to hold down also the smallest workpieces while machining. The optimisation of the vacuum holding capacity has been, for SCM, one of the main focuses during the development of the new Morbidelli series.

Like many other nesting machines, the new Morbidelli x200 and x400 can be equipped with a zoned worktable that enables suction areas to be closed when not in use. These are the only machines where it is possible to have the new X-Vacuum system, a real dynamic vacuum activation development, an innovative and automatic feature that carries the vacuum right where it’s needed.

A new labelling system and cutting speed up to 50m/min will allow SCM customers to reach a productivity like never seen before on a nesting machine. And that’s not all: like the cars many people drive every day, it is possible to use the new Morbidelli series in smooth, neutral or dynamic mode – the equivalent of comfort, drive and sport – in order to quickly customise the execution of programs.  

Years of development and investment have led to the new Morbidelli x200/x400. Very high performance, great configurability and a competitive price allows SCM to create a machine tailor-made for each customer.

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