With Version 24 of its 3D-CAD System, Pytha will present a full solution for all needs of the woodworking industry. 

Pytha has been enhanced by many powerful functions, providing a faster and more efficient workflow.

The Pytha modeller now offers a faster plot sheet function, which allows to rotate details and an explosion view, without actually exploding the 3D models in the design.

Panoramic images can now also be calculated in the Pytha modeller.  Without further editing, users can view the resulting image file on a computer, smartphone or tablet using the standard panoramic apps.

Version 24 sets standards with a new Pytha parametric design. It is significantly more powerful and flexible. Another new function is the Pytha Rib Function, allowing frames for counters, curved walls, round seating areas etc. to be created very quickly and conveniently in the Curves menu. 

The Smart Equalizer function will let users easily adapt doors, shelves and drawers of different widths to match.

Users can now personalise the whole user interface. MyPytha previously allowed you to compile your own menu. To simplify the Pytha interface, simply hide individual functions, that are not needed. Last but not least: it is now possible to switch languages while constructing a scene – without restarting the software. It is a great tool for the collaboration of multi-lingual teams.

Catch up with Pytha at Ligna, hall 12, stand A03.