Leading adhesive provider, H B Fuller has launched a set of new, more sustainable solutions at Ligna.

H B Fuller has specifically designed several next generation adhesive solutions to address the growing demand from wood furniture and flooring manufacturers for materials that help reduce hazardous emissions in their finished goods, considering that wood naturally emits VOCs. 

These new products include Rakoll® 4933, a formaldehyde-free, water-based adhesive; Rakoll 5010, a low monomer emission reactive hot melt adhesive; and a range of NEP-free primers for edgebanding applications. 

The company’s high-quality adhesive solutions and process innovations also support customers’ requirements to lower cost-in-use, increase efficiency, and improve production output while strengthening product experience. In fact, the adhesive used may be a relatively small component in furniture and flooring, but can play a powerful role in business performance.

“We continuously listen to our customers and understand today’s challenges to both maintain efficient manufacturing processes and meet consumer demand for more environment-friendly goods” says Johannes Christiani, business development manager, H B Fuller EIMEA – Durable Assembly.

“We are excited to have launched new adhesive solutions for woodworking with the most recent innovative additions to our trusted Rakoll range offering customers the potential to gain competitive advantage by obtaining low hazard certification for their high-performing finished products.

“To experience the next generation of adhesive solutions for a smarter woodworking business, connect with our experts and discover how the new Rakoll adhesives can help optimise processes, strengthen product experience and achieve superior business efficiencies.”