CompacMel Plus is an innovative and eco-friendly alternative to compact laminate, boasting a range of benefits that free the designer from the constraints of other materials. 

A greener and more cost-effective alternative to compact laminate, the CompacMel Plus range has definitely made a positive impact in the education sector. With antibacterial certification, the board is ideal for education facilities, as well as office furniture, hospital equipment and much more.

A wood compact melamine that boasts high environmental standards, CompacMel Plus creates 80% fewer greenhouse gas emissions in production than traditional compact laminates. With its high versatility, excellent mechanical properties including bending strength, tensile strength and impact resistance, it is suitable for a broad range of needs within the education sector.

CompacMel Plus offers an advanced technical solution for the most demanding projects. Fitting in high humidity environments it is safe and stable, while the ease of machining with standard tools and fittings allows for quick installation on site. As well as moisture resistance and excellent machinability, CompacMel Plus features a black core throughout, allowing creativity in both shapes and applications, without the need for edging.

Created by the Spanish company Finsa – a prolific manufacturer which prides itself on its environmentally friendly approach – CompacMel Plus is exclusively distributed by Lawcris in the UK. “We are very pleased with the agreement with Lawcris to distribute our CompacMel Plus across the UK,” states Rafael Willisch, Finsa UK’s managing director. “This board is very versatile and suitable for multiple applications thanks to its properties and wide range of colours, not to mention it is more cost-effective compared to alternative products in the market.”

Available in a spectrum of 18 eye-catching decors, the entire range can be found on Lawcris’ award-winning website with quick and easy free sample ordering.