At Interzum 2019, Ninka impressed with helpful additions to one2six, cuisio and connect.

At Interzum, the main international trade fair for the furniture and interior design industries, Ninkaplast GmbH (Bad Salzuflen) – leading company for plastic moulding and surface refinement solutions – presented smart product developments for its various drawer systems.

The new products – one2laundry, the cuisio spice jar insert and the five-compartment frame for connect – were introduced to visitors for the first time.

one2laundry: Laundry – hidden inside the cabinet

Cabinet interiors in modern fitted kitchens provide a high design potential – with a view toward even better customer benefits and value-adding unique selling propositions. A good example is the one2six bin hanging frame, which can be integrated into the drawer frames of leading market suppliers with high precision.

The new one2laundry is a 55-litre laundry basket for the one2six hanging frame from Ninka

Ninka has now expanded its range of the previously available containers for this system upwards with capacities from 0.5 to 42 litres. The new one2laundry is a 55-litre laundry basket for the one2six hanging frame. Designed for bathrooms, bedrooms or utility rooms, the gap-free design, which is aesthetically attractive, whilst simplifying cleaning, catches the eye.

Spice jar insert: neatly integrated into the “cuisio” drawer system

The established drawer insert cuisio is characterised by high quality, ease of cleaning and timeless design. The organisation system can be adapted to various drawer widths. The division of space within the individual trays using separating bars enables an optimum utilisation of space depending on customer requirements.

Ninka introduced the spice jar insert (left), which offers organised and reliable storage of all kinds and sizes of spice containers

At this year’s Interzum, Ninka introduced the spice jar insert, which enables an organised and reliable storage of all kinds and sizes of spice containers. This new element is docked to the cuisio trays in the usual manner and can be optionally equipped with anti-slip surfaces.

connect with new frame: Special organisation element for cutlery

The connect organisation system promises quick and easy organisation of drawers whilst giving the user maximum freedom in dividing the space. For this purpose, a variety of convenient elements that can be connected to each other using connectors to fulfil any organisational desire in the drawer is already available.

Expansion of the frame-independent click-together system connect from Ninka: the new organisation frame with five compartments for the organisation of cutlery (centre image)

Ninka is regularly expanding the range of these versatile components – there is a new element with five compartments for the organisation of cutlery: soup spoons, knives, forks, teaspoons and dessert forks. This connect frame is provided as a finished product or as a semi-finished product that can be shortened later to fit any drawer depths by the kitchen furniture manufacturer.

The additional use of a non-slip mat is not required. As before, additional connect elements can be attached to the side of the new frame using the connectors. connect still remains independent of the drawer system used – which is also how Ninka defines design freedom and individualisation.