PET-based laminates with 2D and 3D designs, are now available from Renolit in both high-gloss and super-matt finishes

“The level of shine on the high gloss version resembles a polished lacquered surface and gives the colour a depth like behind a pane of glass,” says Thomas Tossmann, Head of Renolit Design, describing the visual effect.

To touch, its feel is just as authentic: the high-gloss surface is just as smooth as it looks - it is endlessly smooth, even when lightly rubbed. And the super-matt textured product feels emphatically flat, with visual and tactile appeal in equal measure.

PET laminates combine their design qualities with excellent formability and durability. They are scratch-resistant, fingerprint resistant and easy to clean. These material properties make it possible to create furniture fronts and caravan interiors which can withstand bumps, whilst retaining their beautiful finish for a long time. Renolit PET Laminate 2D and 3D designs are both available from stock.

New chapter in lightweight construction 

The company is launching a new chapter with innovative core materials Renolit Gorcell Veneerflex and Renolit Gorcell Superflex. 

These materials are extremely light and rigid, with less than half the density of balsa wood. They are also flexible, can be formed to an internal radius of up to 20 millimetres – regardless of the direction of bend - and are 100% water-resistant. 

Renolit’s PET-based laminates with 2D and 3D designs, are now available from high-gloss and super-matt finishes

oated with Cork-Stock, Wood-Stock or CPL/veneer, these new materials are ideal for interior fittings in caravans or yachts, as well as for wet and humid areas. 

The new thermolaminate collections set the scene for sculpted furniture which demonstrate the versatility of Renolit Gorcell base material combined with Renolit Alkorcell in contemporary finishes and on-trend colours. 

Just like wood: printed finish with synchronised pore

In striving for the most natural possible effect in decorative wood finishes, synchronised pore technology remains the ultimate choice. For Renolit’s latest creation in 3D laminates, the striking Halifax oak finish, this technique helps recreate the interplay of knots, flaws and ribbon stripes in the wood. A visual as well as perceptible gnarled effect is created. 

Renolit’s impressive Halifax oak is an ideal choice for 3D

The Nature shade perfectly fulfils the quest for a natural and authentic look for living rooms. While the pale tones of White will recreate a light Scandi decor in living rooms or offices, as well as suiting interior fittings. Equally White and the dark Tobacco are also well suited to door finishes.