Global decorative panel manufacturer Swiss Krono has launched BE.YOND, a furniture grade particle board with an emission level equivalent to natural trees, which the company says makes it the world’s most environmentally-friendly product for kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, office and general furniture manufacturing, with the aim of improving indoor air quality. 

BE.YOND is available in all 158 decors in the Swiss Krono One World Collection of plain colours, patterns and woodgrains and in a wide choice of textures. It is exclusively available through its long-standing nationwide distribution partner IDS with an MOQ of just one pack of 21 boards on any décor.   

A true product innovation, BE.YOND is made from a minimum of 98% natural wood materials and it’s no added formaldehyde board incorporates Ecosynthentix, a bio-based adhesive system during its manufacture. 

Featuring only the naturally re-occurring formaldehyde traces in the wood itself of just 0.01 part per million (ppm), it exceeds all other legislation currently in place in any other country, including the superior levels set by Japan at 0.03 ppm and the new legislation being introduced in Germany in 2020 set at 0.05ppm.

BE.YOND also exceeds CARB phase two standards, improving Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (green building certification) levels and boards can also be supplied with FSC® and PEFC™ certification. 

Being made from natural materials, it is easily machined and can be recycled into Biomass at the end of its life cycle. 

Dave Huggins, business development director at IDS comments:  “BE.YOND takes green credentials in furniture manufacturing to a whole new level and we are very proud to be at the forefront of this innovation for the UK market through our exclusive distribution partnership. 

“Sustainability and emission levels are increasingly important considerations for the environments we live and work in and the air we breathe. BE.YOND is at the vanguard of green technology and there is no better product for furniture manufacturers to work with than this if they are serious about these issues, giving them both an ethical and competitive edge.”

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