Rehau has been a trusted partner in the European furniture industry for over 70 years, renowned for offering product innovation, quality and service

Each of Rehau’s surface materials is meticulously chosen to give customers an edge: a new angle in design with complementing collections that can truly define a space. Whether seeking inspiration from the latest interior trends, working on a bespoke project or eyeing up the right material that will stand the test of time, Rehau puts value on product quality, composition and style.

Meet the Rauvisio surface material family

First up is the newest member, Rauvisio fino. It offers excellent value and consistent quality for modern furniture. Components feature a single-sided, hard coated polymer surface with matching Rehau zero joint edgeband for the perfect finish.

Rauvisio fino

The fino surface is created by using the highest quality PET film. This is laminated in a stringently-controlled environment, onto super-refined MDF using specially formulated PUR glue to ensure an ultra-flat aesthetic quality.

Rauvisio fino also has excellent light-fastness and UV resistance, so there are no colour variations between different light and sun exposures when used for interior applications. 

Rauvisio brilliant – the high gloss, seamless surface material with depth

Rauvisio brilliant has been developed for use in vertical front panel applications. The visual depth effect of the high gloss laminate makes it the ideal replacement for high quality painted components.

Rauvisio brilliant is ideal for kitchen cabinet doors

As a result of new processing technologies, the finished Rauvisio brilliant frontal takes on a visually seamless appearance, giving the entire piece an all-round lustre.

Like all other surface materials from the Rauvisio product range, Rauvisio brilliant can also be processed using conventional woodworking tools, making it ideal for projects of any size.

Looking for a show-stopper? Rauvisio crystal revolutionises the market for glass application  

Custom kitchen door fronts, high end retail display units or striking wall cladding, this surface material provides the sleek, elegant aesthetic of real glass without any of the disadvantages in handling, transport and processing. It is 10 times more break-resistant than conventional glass and can be processed using standard woodworking tools, making it ideal for handling on-site for those last minute alterations. 

This collection offers the most extensive range to choose from – with 11 on-trend colours, to help create a vision of clean lines and minimalistic style, 12 décors that replicate natural materials such as stone and wood, or the versatile polymer mirror. All colours and décors are available in gloss and matt finish with matching edgeband.

Rauvisio crystal mirror

Rauvisio crystal is available as 4mm slim panels for wall cladding, fully pressed boards for individual processing, or as separate sheet components with perfectly matched balancer and edgeband, for maximum flexibility. 

Alternatively it can be ordered as complete, cut-to-size cabinet doors finished with premium Rehau zero joint edgeband. This makes it available to furniture companies of any size without the need for investment in machinery.

Elegance and durability – Rauvisio crystal is the ideal solution for retail space

Polymer surfaces have been part of the extensive Rehau product portfolio for almost a decade. As part of driving innovation and constantly striving to provide added-value for fabricators and end consumers alike, this product line is all about attractive collections that can bring your visions to life.

Rehau’s extensive surface material portfolio is now available to KBB manufacturers and designers, with no need to order in industrial volume. 

To view the products first-hand, visit the Decorative Panels Lamination stand at the NEC in Birmingham for UK Construction Week, from the 8th-10th October 2019 – stand M530.

Rauvisio crystal range now includes 12 decorative designs

Rauvisio crystal mirror

Elegance and durability – Rauvisio crystal is the ideal solution for retail space

Rauvisio brilliant is ideal for kitchen cabinet doors

Rauvisio fino