In an age when having the utmost quality of products is no longer considered supplementary but essential, production technology must offer consistent quality without compromises, whatever the level of the range – and this is the underlying value behind the Akron 1100 range of compact single-sided edgebanders from Biesse.

The Akron 1100 range is ideal for small-scale producers that want to modernise production. Within its price range, the Akron 1100 is the only technology on the market offering high-level components like the Rotax motors made by HSD – the leading manufacturer in its sector – states Biesse.

There are three machine configurations, offering choices on trimming, corner rounding and pre-milling. Control is executed via a 7in touchscreen – the only one on the market at its price point, states the supplier – which offers an icon-driven, highly intuitive interface. 

It also provides feedback in the form of valuable machine information, reports and statistics relating to the daily work being carried out, highlighting productivity levels and any setting issues. 

Malcolm Storey, brand sales manager at Biesse, comments: “This entry-level range stands out in the market for its high specification, quality and performance. The Akron 1100 has the capability of applying edge material from 0.4-5mm solid wood lippings, with a 10m/min track speed. 

“In addition, changeovers from thick to thin edges, along with machine set-up, is very quick and simple. The Akron 1100 range is the ideal machine for a first-time user, providing a quality edge finish. 

“We also offer a walk-in in demo service whereby customers can visit us at any time and see how easy the machine is to set up and operate.”