Employee-owned Kite Packaging has expanded its range of tape dispensers and tape, ensuring customers have a one-stop online shop for their packaging requirements. 

Hand-held heavy-duty tape dispensers 

Suited to any pick-and-pack operation, Kite’s heavy-duty tape dispensers make light work when sealing products with tape, including reinforced. Extremely lightweight and easy to use, their sharp edge/teeth enable users to get through all types of tape quickly and easily, and seal boxes even quicker than before.

Desktop tape dispensers

Available in both standard and premium, Kite’s range of desktop dispensers are the suitable for any home, office or warehouse. To be used with 25mm-wide tape, both options come with a non-slip rubber base to allow for ease of tearing and to prevent surfaces from being damaged, and a sharp edge/blade sure to smoothly and efficiently cut through tape. 

The premium dispenser comes with a safety blade cover to protect against any injuries while the device is not in use.

Bench clamp dispenser 

The ability to be clamped to almost any surface with its sturdy C-clamp, this heavy-duty tape dispenser will not only tear through standard tape with ease, but is also suitable for use with paper and reinforced tape. 

Commonly used in packing warehouses and by architects and artists, this dispenser can be secured in even the most awkward of locations. Constructed of metal and high-impact plastic, it can be used with either one roll of 48mm tape or two rolls of 25mm tape (75mm cores).

Reinforced paper tape

Extremely strong and difficult to tear, Kite’s range of reinforced tape comprises cross-weave glass filaments, and is suitable for a range of applications, as well as being an environmentally-friendly solution. It offers effective adhesion that keeps boxes sealed, and its tear resistance makes it ideal for businesses where security is of the highest importance.

Visit Kite’s website to browse its full range of tape and dispensers. 

Pictured: Bench clamp dispenser