Here is the problem. Sofas and other furniture is sent out to customers with the castors, legs or feet separate – it makes sense, because delivery is easier and there is less risk of damage in transit. 

But it is very easy to make a mistake screwing a leg into a T-Nut. If the customer does not get it quite right, then the sofa can break when they sit on it and the T-Nut is forced out. This leaves the supplier with unhappy customers, plus the cost of repairing or replacing the furniture.

Rivet T-Nuts are almost impossible to push out, states distributor Jet Press.They also offer a lead-in so they are less likely to be cross-threaded. Throughout the furniture industry, they are being used for legs, feet and castors, as well as headboards and for joining divan bases.

Rivet machine for T-Nut insertion

The team at Jet Press has built up a great deal of experience, working with furniture manufacturers to select the right T-Nut and insertion machine to deliver the best result. The company can also recommend the best combination of barrel length, flair pin and pressure for optimum results. Demos and trials are all part of the service.

Jet Press supplies a range of T-Nut insertion machines, starting with tabletop machines that can achieve up to 1000 insertions an hour through to drill, drive and rivet machines for high-volume, high-accuracy applications. 

Delivery in the UK is free, along with training and full technical support. Jet Press will maintain the machine annually as long as the client only uses Sigma T-Nuts. Jet Press holds large stocks of a wide range of sizes of T-Nut, so can arrange deliveries to meet clients’ production needs.

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