Interprint has opted to drop the traditional collection concept, and do something new instead – the decor printer’s Press Play concept sees the company take a bold step through the introduction of an ever-expanding playlist of decors …

Interprint states that the success of its previous Six Pack collection is no excuse to simply bring out a new edition, and so has ended Six Pack’s success story to make way for a new approach. 

“Times have changed,” says Interprint. “Bringing out a collection once a year and setting a mega-trend is so old school. Today it’s all about endless feeds, streaming services and Spotify – we consume differently, faster, and continuously. The constant flow of news and stories updates us about new trends popping up and microtrends forming all the time. 

“Press Play never stops moving either, staying agile and on-message all year long. Interprint uses the decor playlist to react to new trends and fresh currents as they appear throughout the year, totally re-shaping them.”

This unusual idea – a decor collection which is not really a decor collection – is typical of the Arnsberg printer, which has already unveiled three decors to set the pace.  

“The first is the oak-effect Amberg,  a real long-player with massive hit potential,” states Interprint. “The used look is key to its special character, giving it an authentic backstory. The natural vibe and smooth style add to the harmonious feel.

“Primus, on the other hand, is a tribute to Europe’s heritage – the sophisticated remix of pale woods like birch, maple and alder in a striped pattern goes really well with the even texture for a clean Scandi look.

“Finally, Meta keeps fans happy with a clash of micro terrazzo and concrete. This trendy decor blends the hip terrazzo look with a scored effect. Inspired by luxury marble, Meta also brings the flecked stone pattern to furniture fronts – you really should see it for yourself!”

Press Play aims to inspire the industry and encourage manufacturers to see things in a new way – and not just once a year. “You’ll be seeing new trends all the time – mood-setting decors, harmony-generating surfaces and materials that you really have to see for yourself,” Interprint explains.

“If you want to tune in to the first all-time decor playlist, there’s an Interprint Group playlist called ‘Press Play | 09 2019’ on Spotify. Suddenly the idea doesn’t seem quite so weird!"