Hesse Lignal’s special effects Creative-Metallic lacquers come in over 100 colour tones; helping manufacturers achieve stunning gold, silver and copper metallic finishes on wood, metal and glass surfaces. 

As the UK’s leading supplier of Hesse Lignal coatings, Redwood Innovation says the special effects Creative-Metallic lacquer range is available in more than 100 tones; helping manufacturers bring a sense of warmth and luxury to interiors and shop fittings.

“With the festive season approaching,  we often see a surge in the popularity of copper, gold and silver tones from our customers,” explains Redwood ’s founder Richard Albon.

As well as offering a stunning decorative finish, Hesse’s special effect lacquers provide manufacturers with excellent durability, fast-drying times and superb flow characteristics; to prevent dripping or sagging on surfaces. 

What’s more, all Hesse Lignal coatings are free from preservatives, toxic-heavy metals, phthalate plasticisers, formaldehyde and halogenated organic compounds – ensuring the safety of both the sprayer and consumers.

Due to their high durability, Hesse’s Creative-Metallics can be used in a variety of high stress environments, from interior and shop fittings, to the kitchen and bathroom. 

“With years of experience in advising manufacturers on the best products and production processes to maximise their efficiency, at Redwood we go the extra mile to provide our customers with first-class technical back up,” says Richard, “making sure they are getting the most from the products we supply them with. In addition, all orders placed before 12pm are eligible for next day UK delivery.”

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