Giallo Kashmir, Verde Brac, Rosso Askja, Azzurro Naxos and Bianco Dover – Arpa Industriale presented the new colours for the super matt Fenix NTM surface at Interzum. Ostermann provides the matching edgings. 

They are extremely matt. They have a velvety smooth surface and they are particularly resistant against fingerprints. At Interzum 2019, the brand-new colours of the Fenix NTM collection from Italian board supplier Arpa Industriale attracted a lot of attention. 

Now, the first boards are being launched. Processors in search of the matching edgings to these surfaces will find them at Ostermann.

New surface: Excellent Matt

In order to respond to the increasing demand for edgings with an extremely matt look, the experts in edgings have developed a new surface finish, designated Excellent Matt. 

This new, extremely matt Excellent Matt finish has been used for the five new edgings Giallo Kashmir, Verde Brac, Rosso Askja, Azzurro Naxos and Bianco Dover, making them a perfect match for the new boards from Arpa Industriale both in gloss level and colour.

Perfectly matching edgings to Fenix NTM

It goes without saying that edging specialist Ostermann also has in its range the matching edgings to the existing surfaces of the current Fenix NTM collection. Including the five new surface finishes, there is now a total of 20 Excellent Matt edgings available that match the surfaces of Fenix NTM. 

All new edgings are available from stock in the dimensions 23, 33, 43mm and x 1mm. Chosen colours are further available as 2mm variants.

Edgings – ordered online, quickly and easily 

Via the Ostermann online shop at, carpenters/cabinetmakers have 24/7 access to Europe’s largest range of edgings, including over 12,000 edgings to the board surfaces of more than 70 board suppliers.

For further information on the new edgings, type in the search item ‘highlights122019’ into the search field of the Ostermann website.

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