Launched in October this year, imos AG made its new software for furniture and design available in 27 languages for 83 countries to all users worldwide. The German version has already been used successfully by users since June this year. imos AG is also expanding its customer support with the new service portal – iX Support Center.

imos iX 2019 is the further development of the iX technology series, which was released in 2017. Trends and technologies of digitalisation have influenced the development and offers completely new possibilities from the end customer to the machine. Great focus has been placed on improving comfort and creating functions that speed up daily work. These are just a few highlights:

Intuitive room planning benefits from smart contiguous parts that can interact with each other. Automatic snapping helps to insert articles and simplifies article planning. Scenes are not only easier to create, but also enable the isolated display and presentation of furniture arrangements.

Designing furniture has become more comfortable. In addition to a modern user interface, optimising the operating sequences was significant. The iXplorer has been equipped with new functions and a design aid for built-in items has been introduced. The cut-out article allows a standard corpus or component to follow a wall or roof contour or other structural obstacles in a matter of seconds.

The drawing output has further been improved and conflicts in the positioning of dimension lines and texts are identified and corrected. Curved components and assemblies are specially evaluated during the creation of the production documents and displayed graphically correct and legible.

In the project design management, iX 2019 offers help in change management for larger furnishing projects. 

In addition to design and construction, fittings can now also be presented in their function. All movable furniture components can be opened and closed with a click – and this throughout in all applications, in the construction as well as at the point-of-sale.

imos VR at Ligna 2019

From networked applications to the ecosystem

The software modules of the new imos iX generation can continue to be used as stand-alone applications but can also be expanded into networked solutions. 

This has enabled imos AG to achieve its goal of networking suppliers, manufacturers and end customers with each other: iX Interio, the first ecosystem for furniture manufacturers and interior design companies, is creating completely new ways of digital co-operation.

Thanks to optimised communication and transaction processes, it enables modern, cross-company business models.

imos iX-PLAN Rendering

New service functions complete the support range

imos AG presents the new iX 2019 functions to its customers in detail using practical examples in the webinars of the imos Online Academy. Customers can access them via the new service portal, the iX Support Center. In addition to further training material, software downloads and updates are also available here. 

imos technical Animation in iX CAD

The iX Support Center replaces the old imos Support Center and offers customers new functions such as the online user account, which they can use to manage their data and licences. 

Because imos AG is changing the security of its software the use of imos iX 2019 also takes place via these online assigned licences, thus replacing the service via the dongle.