Autumn marked the launch of three additional ranges to further enhance the stocked dp-limitless Collection available from Decorative Panels Lamination. The stunning products from Pfleiderer, Rehau and Voice Tec extend the impressive range still further.

 Taking its offer to more than 90 laminates from Pfleiderer’s DST collection, the new additions include striking unicolours like Orange, Signal Red and Gentian Blue. Grain embossed unicolours have also been added along with embossed wood-grains like Milano Walnut, Ponderosa Pine and Zebrano. 

Unlike traditional bonding techniques which use cold-pressed emulsion adhesives, dp-lamination bonds the laminate to the substrate using a high performance PUR adhesive. Not only does this give a higher glue line strength it offers the additional benefits of being water-proof with excellent low and high temperature performance. There is no doubt that Laminate bonded in this way has all round superior qualities when compared to other methods. 

Next to be revealed is Rehau’s Rauvisio Crystal range – a collection of on-trend surface materials that’s suitable for both furniture and interior wall cladding applications.

Rauvisio Crystal combines the visual appeal of glass with the uncomplicated processing properties of an acrylic, and it comes with the added advantage of being ten times more break-resistant than real glass – and half the weight. It’s also light, UV, scratch and impact resistant. 

Rehau’s Rauvisio Crystal décors – Conglomerato Chiaro, Conglomerato Scuro, Marmo Toscana, Marmo Romano, Marmo Bianco, Marmo Nero and Ruggine – have all been added to the dp-limitless offer and all the designs are available in gloss and matt finishes.

For a unique finish, users are sure to find inspiration from Voice Tec acrylic textured surfaces which have also been added to the dp-limitless range under the Textured Surfaces category.

dp-lamination has launched six 1.4mm thick patterns that are supplied in a white matt re-coatable finish. Loop, Cactus, Diamantino, Italian Plank, Juta and Giglio are deeply textured and very tactile. These totally unique finishes are ideal for any custom project, and the surface can be used either uncoated or with an over lacquer. The surface can be processed using normal woodworking tools and machinery.

For more information on these three impressive additions, contact Decorative Panels Lamination.

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