TAKA and WPR supply products and solutions for the wood and furnishing sector. TAKA is a leading producer of HMPUR and its sister company, WPR, produces profile- and panel-wrapping machines – together, the two offer a 360° service.

Some of the WPR/TAKA solutions have technological advancements: the NWA system, ideal for the wrapping of wood, MDF or chipboard profiles with decorative foil or paper in rolls, is especially suitable for the wrapping of doorframes, cover wires, profiles and frames.

The NWM is the single or double system for the lamination of wood, MDF and chipboard panels up to 2200mm

The NWM is the single or double system for the lamination of wood, MDF and chipboard panels up to 2200mm application width with PVC, CPL, PET, PETG, PP, ABS or paper foils. This machine features all the technological advantages of slot nozzle application of hot melt and HMPUR adhesives.

Luna is a next generation automatic lamination system

WPR’s leading technology is, without any doubt, the Luna. It is a next generation automatic lamination system with maximum set-up times of 8-15 minutes. Thanks to the automatic foil positioning and the exact glue dosing, the Luna also makes it possible to reduce production waste to a minimum.

On the other hand, the accurate selection of raw materials and the special interest in new technologies led TAKA to develop a range of high performance Hot Melt PUR adhesives such as:

  • 2308.25P ideal for wood profiles, kitchen doors and panels with excellent bond strength, also perfect for difficult geometries and high working speed.
  • 2308.40 for flat lamination, with low viscosity, low adhesive consumption, no strings formation during the application and great wettability
  • TAKA’s edgebanding glues, the 3308.5 and the 3308.10 that allow working with different edges, such as ABS, PVC, PET, CPL, paper and veneer with excellent wettability on supports and edges and outstanding resistance to vapour.

As a natural evolution of this machinery/adhesives synergy, and to have a more active partnership with its customers, WPR/TAKA createss a UK-based technical team able to offer a speedy technical service for its UK and Ireland customers that includes: 

  • Technical support and training
  • Maintenance and cleaning of the machinery
  • Check-up of WPR machinery
  • Consulting to optimise the lamination process.

To find out more about WPR/TAKA or to book a technical visit, contact the UK agent, Mike Dean at Adhesive Solutions.