Swiss sanding specialists Kundig have just launched their new entry level wide belt sanding machine allowing the small to medium sized workshop to benefit from their vast amount of experience constructing what is largely regarded as the best sanding machine on the market.

For many years Kundig have produced bespoke sanding machines to cater for all walks of industry including CNC machines for the world’s leading competitive ski and snowboard manufacturers, precision machines for the automotive and aviation industry, along with high gloss machines for one of the biggest names in grand piano manufacturing.

Introducing the Kundig Master

To celebrate 75 years of excellence, Kundig have launched a new model known as the Kundig Master. This new model is first and foremost a machine manufactured by Kundig using the same technology and sharing many of the same features as found in the Premium, Brilliant and Technic machines. 

The idea is to have a standardised specification so the machine is ready to use ‘out of the box’ whether you are sanding solid wood or veneered boards. Building a machine to a standard specification allows a more streamlined production which in turn reduces manufacturing costs, hence allowing this machine to cater for a larger part of the market.

According to Lukas Kündig, MD of the Kündig Group: “The idea of a base model had been around for quite some time. However, there was never any question of cutting back on robustness, sanding quality or user-friendliness in favour of a low price, let alone moving production to the east. Instead, the company consistently relies on standardisation and serial production and focuses on the essentials when it comes to equipment.”

Very generous specification

The machine is still constructed by Kundig and is manufactured alongside the company’s Premium, Brilliant and Technic machines. The machines still have a fixed working height, i.e. it is the sanding group that raises and lowers to the desired working thickness and still has a very generous specification including setting of the thickness across the width of the workpiece.

The Kundig Master has a generous working width of 1350 mm and is available with the most popular combination having two sanding heads – first the calibration roller followed by sanding pad. There are two models available, one having a standard style sanding pad for solid wood, the other a segmented sanding pad for solid wood and veneers.

For further information, or to book a preview of this new product launch, contact UK sales manager, Carl O’Meara.

0845 833 0565