Renolit has launched a solid-colour premier matt range of 3D thermoformable films.

Renolit Premier Matt is a decorative PVC film that is produced using an innovative Physical Surface Treatment technology (PST) to create a superior matt appearance for furniture and interior design applications. 

The innovative surfacing technology creates a highly functional and tough finish that is warm and even to the touch – just what is needed to protect and keep furniture looking smart for longer, whether in the kitchen, living areas, bedroom or bathroom.

Premier Matt DustGrey

Produced in Cramlington, Northumberland, following significant investment at Renolit’s North East England site, this installation is not only at the forefront of innovative surface technology, but is also indicative of the company’s commitment to manufacturing in the UK.

“The Premier Matt range delivers the highest level of performance without compromising the overall aesthetic and surface finish demanded by the market,” says Grant Swan, marketing manager at Renolit Cramlington. “As the trend for matt solid colours continues to dominate, we believe Premier Matt will be at the forefront of customer developments.” 

Combining smart solutions, a high-quality aesthetic and functional properties, the surface’s appeal is instantly noticeable – touch the surface, and one’s fingers glide effortlessly over the frictionless silky smooth surface, which contradicts its robust characteristics.

Premier Matt Taupe Grey

Premier Matt benefits from key distinguishing properties that differentiate it in the market, including anti-fingerprint, scratch and stain resistance, easy cleaning, and thermal healing. It presents a sleek surface with low light reflectance.

Premier Matt’s properties deserve further explanation: anti-fingerprint means greasy and sticky finger marks no longer spoil the appearance of a kitchen, and can just be buffed with a soft, dry cloth for a spotless finish; scratch resistance reduces the visibility of micro scratches, keeping furniture looking newer for longer stain resistance means coloured food spills no longer persist, and the product is tested against a long list of typical foods and liquids according to European standards; it is easy to clean – cooking splashes and spills can be simply wiped away with the swipe of a cloth and a mild detergent, and even dried-on spills are easy to remove; while thermal healing means slight scuffs and scratches can be magicked away with the application of gentle heat.

Premier Matt Black

Renolit Premier Matt is supplied with protection film as standard, in a wide-ranging selection of 14 commercially popular contemporary colours. A complementary range of 2D films is available on an MTO basis suitable for profile lamination and component wrapping.

To request a brochure containing further detailed technical information and an A6 sample swatch of the colours offered, contact Renolit Cramlington.

01670 718222