There are three new PUR hotmelt adhesives from Ostermann’s own brand, Redocol


Ostermann‘s own brand, Redocol, has been enjoying tremendous popularity since 2009, and the brand now encompasses over 500 products. 

These comprise articles for workshop needs, an own collection of furniture handles, and various well-established glues and adhesives. Typical of the own-brand philosophy, the focus is on an enviable balance between price and performance.

Kantomelt PUR white granules

For edgebanding machines processing hotmelt adhesive in granules, Ostermann now also offers the popular PUR hotmelt adhesive in white, in addition to the existing colour, natural. This way, manufacturers are provided with a solution for the processing of white or bright-coloured boards. The hotmelt adhesive is available in 1kg or 12 x 1kg pack sizes.

Kantomelt PUR as a 2kg block

For edgebanding machines with a premelting unit, Ostermann offers the Redocol Kantomelt PUR as a 2kg block. The adhesive is available in two colours – natural and white – and can be supplied either as a single 2kg or an 8 x 2kg pack size.

Kantomelt HP PUR as a Holz-Her cartridge

Workshops with a Holz-Her edgebanding machine can now obtain the Redocol Kantomelt HP PUR as a Holz-Her cartridge from Ostermann. The adhesive can be selected in the natural or white colours and is available as a single pack or as a supply package with six cartridges.

Matching cleaners

Meeting the requirements of the new products, Ostermann naturally offers the appropriate cleaner as well. Blue-coloured for better identification, the product is available in different pack sizes such as 0.2kg, 1kg, 1.2kg, 2.5kg and 8 x 1kg.

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