Building on the legacy of earlier AXYZ machines in terms of high build quality, reliability and increased productivity, the latest multi-purpose AXYZ Infinite combined routing and knife-cutting system, supplied by AAG (AXYZ Automation Group), is said to have set a new benchmark for CNC machining performance. The Infinite reflects 30 years of experience in routing and cutting technology, and the contribution this has made to the wider use of CNC routing/engraving and cutting systems on a global scale. 

Key design features of the AXYZ Infinite include the now-familiar heavy-duty solid steel frame construction, to accommodate the most vigorous machine operation likely to be encountered, and a new carriage design that provides much easier access for servicing and installing machine tool upgrades. The compact footprint of the machine also allows installation in workplaces where space is at a premium.

Infinite can be configured with a choice of single, dual or triple routing/cutting heads, to enable multiple tasking. It incorporates an expandable processing bed size of up to 3251mm (width) by an impressive 15.24m (length), to accommodate the largest sheets of material. 

An important new design feature is a redesigned and more efficient dust extraction system, to eliminate problems associated with clogging of the machine, thereby minimising expensive machine downtime and increasing productivity levels. This is supplemented with a new misting system to enable more efficient cooling and lubrication of the router.

If required, the Infinite can be supplied with a host of optional machine enhancements. These include an expanded (up to 21 stations) ATC (Automatic Tool Change) system for work requiring multiple tools, the AXYZ Zone Management facility to ensure optimum material hold-down efficiency, the latest AXYZ A2MC machine controller and the AVS (AXYZ Vision System) to ensure optimum routing/cutting accuracy. 

There is also the latest AXYZ helical rack-and-pinion drive system, incorporating a multiple gear teeth configuration. This helps spread the workload more evenly, leading to faster throughput speeds, reduced machine wear and material wastage, and ultimately a longer-than-normal machine life.

As part of the purchasing package, owners of Infinite have the option of the latest VCarve Pro and Aspire design and production software programs, with the latter enabling more complex and finely detailed 3D work to be undertaken.

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