Italian recycling technology company POR Micucci System recently announced the appointment of A & G Toseland as its exclusive distributor and re-seller of its briquetting and shredding range of machinery for the UK and Irish markets.

With more than 350 machines already operating in the UK and Ireland in a variety of industries, the Brescia-based company is prioritising the furniture and joinery sector for growth over the next 2-3 years.

A & G Toseland MD, George Toseland, explains: “Their equipment is particularly well suited to help small- to medium-sized businesses convert their woodwaste into either a usable internal fuel resource or a saleable product, giving customers the opportunity to produce wood briquettes for domestic use.”

This is an area likely to see a big rise in demand following the announcements in the Government’s ‘Clean Air Strategy 2019’ regarding the banning of the burning and sale of wet wood, to be rolled out from 2021.

As part of POR Micucci’s new strategy for the UK and Irish markets, it has installed a demonstration briquetting machine at the premises of A & G Toseland in Kettering. 

“This will enable customers to trial their own material quickly and conveniently, so they are able to judge the potential of their own particular waste stream for conversion from a costly disposal problem into a valuable and saleable resource,” says George.

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