With four out of five adults in the UK experiencing some form of back pain, it’s no surprise that it is the most common form of repetitive strain industry in the UK workforce. A recent survey identified that up to 20% of those suffering back pain have either given up their job or reduced their hours as a direct result. With the younger generation equally at risk, it makes sense to manage this risk effectively.

According to the Health and Safety Executive, lifting and carrying heavy loads are the top two causes of back pain in the workplace. As an employer, it recommends protecting workers by asking them to avoid activities that can cause back pain where reasonably practicable. However, this is easier said than done on a busy factory floor. 

In the furniture manufacturing industry, everyday products like EVA hotmelt granules weigh-in at 20-25 kilos – a lifting weight deemed ‘high-risk’ by the H&SE. This doesn’t mean that injury is inevitable – especially if employees follow the correct health and safety guidelines – but if there was a way to reduce the risk, maintain a safe and healthy workforce and cut potential sick days, wouldn’t people probably do it?  

Kleiberit has created what it says is the perfect solution. This autumn, the adhesive specialist is introducing a lighter, 15 kilo packaging option for its granulated EVA hotmelt – a weight that is considered ‘low risk’ by the H&SE. Not only does this new offering significantly reduce the risk of job-related injuries, it also makes storing and handling easier, too. 

Bradly Larkan, Kleiberit’s general manager for the UK, Ireland and South Africa says: “It’s our job to listen to our customers and find solutions. For us, offering a lighter packaging option that is designed to reduce manual handling risks in our customer’s factories seems like a logical step. By offering this much lighter alternative, employees no longer need to handle heavy granulated EVA hotmelt and employees can have added peace of mind that the risk of back injuries in the work place will be drastically reduced. 

“We are one of the first to offer lower weight options, and from the feedback we’ve had from manufacturers in other countries, we have no doubt it will be of benefit to many companies in the UK. Our new 15kg packs will be available in the UK this autumn.” 

For more information on Kleiberit’s new packaging options, call 01530 836699 or visit www.kleiberit.com