What gives an edgebander the edge? Perhaps you consider performance and innovation above all else. Maybe a consistent and repeatable finish is a high priority. Or, perhaps advanced engineering and exceptional build quality are key areas of consideration. If your answer comprises all of these, it’s time to take a closer look at Holz-Her’s Streamer 1057 XL edgebander – a complete machining solution for the small to medium-sized manufacturer. 

The compact edgbander is designed to offer consistent, repeatable, finished panels in a single step. It comes equipped with a wealth of exclusive features as standard, including a pre-milling unit for precisely dressed panel edges and a separate corner rounding unit for complete corner processing. It also comes with Holz-Her’s patented Glu Jet 301 glue application system (found on its top industrial Accura edgebander range) which means you have the flexibility to change between EVA and PUR in just four minutes.

Pneumatic end trimming unit: for straight or chamfered end trimming on thin edging; a standard feature allows this unit to be pivoted to 10° pneumatically. High quality version with stable cast iron pillars. Each saw motor mounted on two guides for precisely trimming off protruding edging

This model’s inclusive features don’t stop there. The Streamer 1057 XL eliminates the need for manual finishing, saving time, reducing costs and increasing quality by including three finishing units: a mechanical radius scraper, an application-controlled flat scraper and a buffing unit. A spraying unit, designed to prevent adhesion of any glue and contamination residue, is also available as an exclusive option on the 1057 XL.

“The 1057 XL represents the principle of the entire Streamer line and for good reason,” says Paul Nightingale, National Sales Manager for Holz-Her UK. “It offers an impressive equipment list and, although compact in size, the Streamer’s processing capabilities match much larger machines, edging up to 6mm and workpiece thickness up to 60mm.” 

Consistency, repeatability and performance come hand in hand with the Streamer edgebander but this can only be achieved with a stable frame.

Premilling Unit: cut edges often have small tears in the top layer. The pre-milling unit ensures perfect panel surfaces and prepares the panels for the gluing process. Equipped with patented air-stream jointing tools

"The build quality of this machine really sets it apart from the rest,” states Paul. “Each model is plasma cut on a laser cutter delivering pin-point accuracy. We fabricate our own frames. We cut, fold and weld to guarantee a stress-free structure." 

“Every step is performed using engineering calculations to create pockets in the steel. We know every part of the machine – where the fold line will be and where it will be welded – allowing Holz-Her to fine tune any tolerances and create a completely rigid frame. This is extremely important because any discrepancy will get magnified by distance of travel.”

Edge feeder: fully automatic, user-friendly feeder for coiled edging as well as single strip feeder. An edging separator is available (as an option) for practical processing of packages of edging strips. Gentle material handling with transport belt for edging transport and light barrier for edging recognition

Paul continues: “We don’t have to go to these lengths – we could normalise our frames like other manufacturers do – but that would mean we couldn’t guarantee a rigid, monolithic frame. If you’re buying a machine from Holz-Her, you know it will stand the test of time. We don’t cut corners. Essentially, we are not just assemblers, we are manufacturers. We manufacture our machines and build from the base up and that’s why we can guarantee results.” 

Holz-Her has invested over €1m in its automated cutting line – an unmissable nod to the importance of quality and innovation at Holz-Her. “Just like the machines we make, the line is capable of batch one production. Machines are then hand finished and thoroughly tested before shipping. It’s a labour of love and one we undertake willingly.” 

Pressure Unit: high quality three-roller pressure unit for pressing edging against panel cleanly and forcefully. First roller with motor drive. Two conical subsequent pressure rollers

Paul adds: “It’s this strong and rigid framework that underpins the Streamer’s success. This, combined with Holz-Her’s 50 years of experience and ongoing commitment to technical innovation, results in a machine that delivers high-quality results, a precise, repeatable finish and unrivalled flexibility.” 

Keen to put the Streamer 1057 XL to the test? To book a demonstration at Holz-Her’s Abingdon showroom or to arrange a virtual demonstration

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