With more than 35 years of specialising in edgebanding sales and production, Cantisa can provide solutions for all edgebanding needs, also adding value to customers’ furniture products with its Décor Programme.

Cantisa is a Spanish company established in 1985, with a very strong position in the Spanish market, also exporting its products across the world. 

‘Innovation, design and quality’ is Cantisa’s premise when designing a new product. The recognition of its commitment came in 2019 when one of Cantisa’s most innovative designs, the grid-effect edgeband, won the prestigious High Product Quality Interzum Award.

As part of its innovative efforts, and to keep close to its customers in the context of the pandemic, Cantisa has developed a new virtual customiser, meant to inspire designers and furniture manufacturers by enabling them to choose from hundreds of edgeband and board designs. 

Choose any of the available boards, from the main manufacturers in the market, then select one of the 300-plus references of Cantisa’s edgebands – new references are uploaded every week. Designers and manufacturers will discover unlimited design possibilities, and will find new decorative alternatives that can be saved and shared. 

It is possible to transform the plain and simple into something extraordinary with Cantisa’s edgeband décor programme, says the specialist.

Veneer in rolls for edging and profile wrapping

Even with the endless array of new styles and designs, wood furniture continues to be popular around the world. Cantisa is drawn to wooden furniture because it has a history, is solid, and boasts great detail – and because, above all, nature and quality go hand in hand.

Wood is a traditional raw material, which also enables experimenting and the creation of new decorative edgings thanks to its textures, finishes and natural patterns. In Cantisa’s factory, wood veneer is carefully classified, thus providing uniform colour and a high quality. The company says its innovative wood veneer products never cease to surprise the market.

One of its best-known veneer products is the solid end-grain edgeband, which is manufactured with a natural cross-cut veneer, following the natural shape of the wood and giving the piece a stripboard appearance.

As the edgeband is made of natural veneer. it transfers the warmth and texture of wood to the furniture. Furthermore, both surface and edgeband can be varnished or dyed in the same way, with impressive results.

Another of their most innovative products is the OSB made from chips of real wood. This edgeband achieves the same look as an OSB board, and can be varnished or dyed easily, achieving exactly the same effect as on the surface. 

Cantisa believes in sustainability and the use of natural resources, which is why, since 2011, its products have been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), ensuring its wood comes from forests that are responsibly managed, socially beneficial, environmentally conscious and economically viable.

Cantisa’s veneer product range includes thick veneer edgebanding, veneer rolls for profile wrapping and veneer strips.

PVC and ABS edgebanding

Although the company has been tied to veneer products since its foundation, Cantisa also specialises in melamine, PVC and ABS edgebanding, and has more than 2500 edgebanding references in its catalogue today. Cantisa’s product range is constantly updated with what it describes as the most original and innovative edgebands on the market.

Cantisa works closely with the main melamine board manufacturers, offering their customers the equivalent edgebands in a very short period of time.

The edgebanding specialist can also copy any other design and texture in a record time, even for small productions. By simply browsing its decors online, a furniture manufacturer can find edgebands with the right gloss and embossing for any board in the market, states Cantisa.