In response to the fast-growing demand for black cabinet hardware, Titus has launched its TeraBlack product range, which includes new versions of its innovative and highly successful T-type hinges, TL5 ‘full metal jacket’ dowels, shelf supports and push latches.

Titus T-type Black

The new Tera (Titus Enhanced Resistance Application) versions, which are particularly well suited to applications in premium kitchen furniture, have a dark-grey, non-reflective finish that is not only visually appealing but is also highly resistant to scratching.

Titus Combination Black - T-type + Shelf support + Joining plate

“TeraBlack is a very exciting step forward in the evolution of our product range,” says Phil Beddoe, general manager at Titus UK. “It’s been specifically developed to complement and enhance all types of cabinet furniture, but we believe that it will appeal particularly to the kitchen market. 

Titus Combination Black - Push latch + Shelf support

“TeraBlack is much more than just another colour option, it’s a unique finish that’s great to look at and will retain its good looks throughout the whole life of the product. These features, combined with the outstanding quality and performance that characterise all Titus products, make the new TeraBlack items an attractive option for all top-tier furniture manufacturers.”

Particularly well suited to applications in high-end premium kitchen furniture, Titus TeraBlack products fully meet the requirements of designers and consumers looking for unobtrusive yet attractive cabinet hardware.

Titus Terablack products have highly uniform smooth surfaces, with a velvet feel that emphasises their innate quality and reinforces their consumer appeal. They are dependable, Titus-engineered solutions supported by tightly controlled, repeatable, efficient, flexible and scalable manufacturing processes that provide the performance, consistency and quality rightly demanded by high-end furniture producers.