Furniture manufacturers value the benefits of T-Nuts for inserting bolts into wood or plastic. Production is quicker, more accurate and errors are reduced. 

Jet Press are responding to industry demands by increasing their range of T-Nut insertion machines. The new machines are a T-Nut Insertion Handtool and Double-Headed Drill, Drive and Rivet T-Nut Machine.

T-Nut Handtool weighs in at just 3.07kg

The right tool for every job

The Handtool, from Danish company TJEP, inserts T-Nuts quickly and easily and only weighs 3.07kg. The user can move around freely and the ergonomic design helps to make it nice to handle – with a rubber grip that’s comfortable to hold. It’s powered by compressed air, each cycle uses just 2.428 litres (six bar) of air.

The angled track means it’s suitable for use on convex and concave curved surfaces and where users need to get into small spaces. The track contains a strip of 13 Tee Nuts with long serrated prongs for maximum grip. Operators can use M6-M10 diameter T-Nuts from 12-15mm length. 

T-Nut Double-Headed Drill

Additional T-Nut machine options

Other new machine options are bespoke, multi-headed versions of the Drill, Drive and Rivet T-Nut machine from Sigma. Users can combine drilling, insertion and riveting of multiple T-Nuts in a single operation. 

These new machines are additions to a range that already include floor- and table-top mounted machines from Sigma. Jet Press are exclusive distributors for Sigma in the UK and provide training and an annual service for every machine. The Jet Press sales team is always happy to provide samples and demonstrations.

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