According to the Attic Self Storage ‘Mover or Improvers Expert Advice Booklet’, British households are set to spend an average of £6531 transforming their homes this year. 

While the open-plan home design has increased in popularity over the years, whereby partition walls are removed to form larger, sociable spaces, a ‘broken plan’ style may be more suitable, especially with more people than ever now working from home. This approach retains many of the benefits associated with the open-plan design, but allows for the creation of distinct zones that offer more privacy when needed. 

Rather than removing walls, a broken plan design will provide subtle divides that create a feeling of separation and peace without making rooms feel closed off. As such, achieving this requires ingenuity, especially when it comes to partitions. 

A high-quality pocket door system such as the Klüg Ultra Pocket Door Kit is an ideal solution. The door slides along a horizontal track into a cavity in the wall, where it remains neatly hidden away. This can allow for carpenters to create zones within a home that can be opened or closed off neatly and quickly. In addition, when compared to standard doors, pocket doors give homeowners greater flexibility when it comes to how much privacy they require at any given time, while maximising floor space.

When purchasing the Klüg Pocket Door Kits from leading supplier Ironmongery Direct, users can be assured the kit contains everything required to install the doors, including universal headers, support studs, door hangers, door guides, screws and nails. 

If a pocket door does not suit, a sliding barn door could be an attractive option. Adding rustic flair to the home, Klüg has Barn Strap Sliding Gear available with a 2000mm track that can hold door weights up to 120kg. These sets are available in black, antique brass and antique bronze finishes, with soft-close options available for extra peace and quiet in the home.

Klüg also offers an extensive range of cabinet furniture to add that high-quality finishing touch that homeowners seek. These include ballbearing drawer runners, ranging from 450mm in length to heavy-duty options in 800mm lengths that can hold up to 80kg. What is more, they are available in bright zinc and zinc to match with the desired aesthetic.

Klüg cabinet hinges are three-way adjustable to ensure a “perfect” fit every time, and are sprung to pull the cabinet door closed and keep it closed. In addition, these hinges come in a soft-close option, in a range of sizes. 

The exclusive Klüg range can be relied upon for long-lasting performance, and is backed by a comprehensive 10-year guarantee as standard across all door kits and standalone products.

IronmongeryDirect has been supplying architectural ironmongery to the trade for over 50 years and has an extensive stock range of over 18,000 products under one roof – including additional handles, flush pulls, and everything else a professional joiner could require. The online supplier also offers a range of flexible delivery options, including click and collect, next-day delivery, and even same-day delivery for selected postcodes.