Decorative Panels Lamination produces over 300,000 sq m of the highest-quality laminated products each week. Surface finishes range from woodgrain paper foil veneers through to high gloss and matt acrylics, under the brands of dp-specialist, dp-limitless and dp-décor – a collection of designs that promise to inspire and amaze.

Greta 3D

Advancements in material technology within the printing industry have brought incredibly high levels of design realism to the finished product. Digital technology used in the creation of the artwork and the engraving of the printing cylinders – plus the development of optical lacquer technology – have contributed to not only the designs’ visual appeal, but have added tactile qualities, too.

One of the significant advantages of using paper foil as a surface material is that as well as being flat laminated to a board, it can be profile-wrapped to provide fully matching parts, thus offering a perfect solution for framed doors, corner posts, pelmets and any matching moulding requirements.

Trigolo Black and White

It is well known that beauty lies in the detail – DP Lamination can offer an extensive range of surface designs incorporating Biomaster technology (antimicrobial protection), laminated to many different substrates including chipboard, MDF, plywood and dp-lite hollowcore board. In total, DP Lamination offers over 100 different board sizes.

Partnering with Addmaster (UK), Decorative Panels can offer products with surfaces that are able to inhibit the growth of bacteria by up to 99.99%.When bacteria comes into contact with ‘the beast’ (a Biomaster-protected surface), the silver ion technology prevents it from growing, producing energy or replicating, and it therefore dies.

Next, with the dp-decor range from Decorative Panels Lamination, customers can discover high levels of design realism. This collection promises to inspire no matter the ambition, no matter the challenge.Some of the latest designs added to the dp-decor range are: Oxide Concrete CF83; Trigolo Black CF80; Greta 3D CF82; and Trigolo White CF81.

The beauty of dp-lamination products promises to satisfy every customer’s specification demands.

Products are available without commitment to bulk quantities, and deliverable from single sheets up to full loads – customers can just choose the decor and specify the substrate, and Decorative Panels will laminate it for them.