While the trend towards black elements in interiors continues, people also seek more cosiness and quality furnishings in their homes. Real wood surfaces meet these requirements, and can be combined with black, accentuating elements to create spaces of modern homeliness. Ostermann now holds the matching edging in its range.

Ostermann’s experts in edging offer a good selection of veneer edgings for high-quality furniture. The latest addition to the range is a black-dyed variant. The new black-coloured Oak Wood veneer edging sanded offers users a wide range of design options, for individual interiors with a feelgood factor.

The new black-coloured Oak Wood veneer edging sanded offers a wide range of design options for individual furnishings with a feelgood factor

It is available in widths of 24, 33 or 43mm and in thicknesses of 1 and 2mm. The finish is natural and homogeneously coloured through real oak veneer. 

The base layers are made of fineline veneers. Craftsmen can find further details and technical information on www.ostermann.eu, under the search item Highlights122020. 

Black – a persistent trend

Black furniture elements are still in high demand. They are increasingly used as a modern contrast to natural wood decors, resulting in an extraordinary look that incorporates elegance and snugness. 

The newmblack-dyed oak veneer edging from Ostermann reflects the trend nicely. It captivates, with its grained wood surface in jet black, and acts as a mediator between real wood and black furniture elements. 

The new edgings can be used to add a dark touch to any kind of chipboard panel with an oak veneer, resulting in individual furniture with a particularly sophisticated look. 

The natural way

In these rather hectic times, the home becomes either a place of retreat or a combination of living and working area. In both cases, a cosy atmosphere is more important. 

Besides the natural design of their living spaces, people set great store by the use of sustainable resources. The regrowing natural product veneer is suitable for creating impressive colour homogeneity, and offers high quality.

Hotmelt adhesive or zero bondline coating available 

For easy processing, a bonding agent is applied to the reverse side of Ostermann’s veneer edgings as standard. Upon request, customers can obtain the new edging with a hotmelt adhesive coating or a functional layer for processing with zero bondline technologies. 

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