For many joinery and furniture manufacturers mortising is still a bottleneck in the production process. Despite investing heavily in sophisticated CNC machining centres, mortising is still regarded as the poor relation with old hollow chisel or chain machines still widely being used. 

Generally these are all manually operated and the pieces to be mortised require pre marking out, all of which takes time and open to errors being made. The solution to these problems is the Centauro BETA CNC fully programmable horizontal swing chisel mortiser. 

With the BETA no manual marking out is required, and the complete mortising operation, one the piece is loaded,  is automatic from start to finish. The movement of the chisel head in three axis is via precision ball and screw and with DC drives meaning it is possible to achieve a high degree of repeat machining accuracy. 

The machine is easily programmed thanks to the  colour touch screen controller incorporating pre-installed macro templates. All the operator has to do is program in the position and dimensions of the required mortise slots and the machine does the rest. Other functions allow for left hand or right working (e.g you want to mortise a pair of door stiles) and there is a macro to produce a combined mortise and haunch.

Deltawood LB3

There is no limit on the length of piece to be mortised thanks to automatic movement of the work piece. When there is requirement to produce small mortise slots for glazing bars, there is an option of a totally independent programmable hollow chisel head. To date, exclusive UK distributor JJ Smith have supplied over 60 BETA mortisers throughout the UK and Ireland. 

When the requirement is for high volume production of mortised parts, with mainly the same size / position of mortise slots, then the Deltawood LB3 multi head machine is an ideal choice, in particular for products such as gate or fence posts. As standard the machine has a 3m long bed capacity with three oscillating horizontal swing chisel mortise heads, each of which is manually set in the X and Z axis. As all mortises are machined at the same time the LB3 is very productive. 

On request additional mortise heads up to six in total can be specified. Deltwaood also produce CNC mortisers with automatic loading and discharge systems, again for volume production but more versatile than LB3 model.

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