In an increasingly competitive industrial environment, companies are looking for a wider choice of manufacturing solutions that will provide a higher performance-to-cost capability in order to sustain and fuel future business growth. This is evident in the industrial woodworking, furniture and joinery production and panel processing sectors where the need for increased automation in the workplace, coupled with greater price flexibility, remains a primary consideration before investing in new capital equipment. 

For over 30 years, AAG has been providing a wide range of both bespoke and standard CNC routing/cutting systems under its primary AXYZ power brand, a number of which have attained industry benchmark status. 

Typically of these are the latest large-format multi-purpose AXYZ Infinite and the recently launched smaller-format AXYZ Innovator combined routing/cutting machines, both of which embody AAG’s legacy of technical innovation and build excellence. 

The AXYZ Infinite has been described by AAG as the most versatile and configurable routing/cutting solution currently available. Key design features include the now familiar solid steel frame construction to withstand the most vigorous machine operation likely to be encountered and an aluminium t-slot vacuum material hold-down bed. 

These have been supplemented with a new carriage design that enables easier access for routine maintenance and servicing and the installation of machine upgrades, an ultra-efficient dust extraction unit for enhanced machine performance and a new misting system for more efficient machine cooling and lubrication during the routing/cutting process.

Infinite can be configured with a choice of single, dual or triple routing/cutting heads to accommodate different applications. It is available in a choice of models and incorporates an expandable processing bed area of up to 3251mm in width by an impressive 15.24m in length that will enable virtually any material processing requirement.

The recently launched smaller-format AXYZ Innovator provides many of the attributes of much larger machines but at a commensurately lower cost. It is especially ideal for installation in workshops where available space might be at a premium. It replaces the AXYZ Z Series of machines to provide an even higher performance-to-cost capability.

Innovator embodies the same robust solid steel construction as Infinite and is available in two standard sizes (1.2 x 1.2m and 1.5 x 2.4m), with a gantry clearance of 152mm. It features, as standard, the latest rack and pinion drive system with integrated servomotors and the AXYZ A2MC machine control system for faster and smoother machine operation. 

Significantly, for the first time on any small-format machine in its class, Innovator has an optional three-station ATC (Automatic Tool Change) system to allow continuous processing of material without operator intervention. The ATC system also incorporates a protective cover to prevent the ingress of dust, dirt and other environmental pollutants.

Other optional machine enhancements include the latest AVS (AXYZ Vision System) for optimum routing/cutting accuracy and special cooling/lubricating and dust collection systems for improved machine performance and reliability. 

Belying its small format, Innovator will process virtually any material normally suited to much larger and more expensive machines, including all types of solid and composite woods, aluminium and similar alloys, foamed board, acrylic and plastics and laminates.

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