Titus’ furniture hardware solutions have been improving homes around the world for decades. They increase the quality and facilitate RTA furniture, giving significant competitive advantage to manufacturers and improving the consumer experience. The most popular components are the Quickfit TL5 Full Metal Jacket dowel, which provides optimal strength and reduces home assembly time by up to -50%, and the T-type concealed hinge, which has a tool-free 3Way snap-on mounting. 

The T-type hinges, with integrated soft closing, are suitable for use on a wide range of doors with thicknesses up to 34mm. Their unique 3way snap-on mounting system makes them exceptionally easy to install, even on large, heavy doors with multiple hinges.

The range has recently been extended to include pie-cut (bi-fold) hinges for corner cabinets, which fit standard drilling patterns and feature convenient ‘double-lock’ opening. This means users can either open just one door leaf to get access into the cabinet interior, or they can fully open the doors by locking the hinge cup, making the door leaves work as one.

The innovative Quickfit TL5 Full Metal Jacket dowels provide strong, reliable joints in all types of wooden materials, including MDF, chipboard and solid wood. This means that it is no longer necessary to use different dowels for different materials. In addition, the new dowels offer fast, tool-free insertion, reducing assembly time by up to -50% for home-assembled furniture. Alternatively, for maximum efficiency in volume production applications, they can be inserted automatically using Titus FastFit machines.

To complement its hardware range, Titus offers new TeraBlack (Titus Enhanced Resistance Application) versions with a dark-grey, non-reflective finish, that is not only visually appealing but also highly resistant to corrosion. TeraBlack products fully meet the requirements of designers and consumers looking for unobtrusive yet attractive cabinet hardware. The product range includes new versions of the T-type hinges, TL5 Full Metal Jacket dowels, shelf supports and push latches.

To complement its extensive range of fittings, connectors and components, Titus offers support and advice for manufacturers of bespoke and high-end kitchen cabinets and furniture. The team at Titus is always ready to discuss and develop solutions for even the most discerning manufacturers.

Titus is a leading component manufacturer, specialising in the development and production of cabinet hardware, hydraulic dampers and automated assembly systems. A global brand, Titus has been at the forefront of innovation since 1973, consistently developing precision components that make assembly seamless, enhance the look of furniture and improve competitiveness.

Through innovative product design, engineering expertise and effective service, customers and partners of Titus are able to improve their productivity and quality, as well as reduce the costs associated with assembly, manufacturing and other processes. 

Titus’ unique Fit For Purpose approach enables high volumes, with consistent precision and repeatable quality.