Established in 1977, Gard Chemicals is a leading manufacturer of what it describes as a unique and comprehensive range of adhesive cleaners and release agents. 

ISO registered to 9001/14001 Quality and Environmental Standards, Gard’s  products have been developed to be highly effective with all grades of hot-melt, PUR and cold adhesives – they remove and then prevent unwanted build-up of glue deposits from all woodworking equipment.

The range covers all applications within the furniture and woodworking sector, including edgebanding, laminating/veneering and profile wrapping.

Ideal for plants and facilities which are experiencing difficulty in cleaning adhesives such as PUR, hot and cold glues, Gard is a knowledgeable partner with which to discuss matters. Common issues within the furniture and woodworking industries which Gard deals with on a daily basis include:

  • Cleaning hot-melt pots
  • Removing cured and uncured
  • PUR adhesives
  • topping hot-melt sticking to machinery
  • Preventing PUR from adhering to surfaces
  • Preventing adhesive from sticking to platens (hot/cold press)
  • Glue application roller cleaning
  • Panel edge cleaning
  • Gard Adhesive Cleaners and Release Agents are NSF certified and fully compatible with all OEM equipment.

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