The new TSC 55 K and TS 55 F plunge-cut saws from Festool 


Festool has provided some of the best plunge-cut saws on the market for many years, and the German manufacturer has continued to make decisive improvements to its masterpieces – from now on, the plunge-cut saws will be able to saw twice as fast, and the TSC 55 K cordless plunge-cut saw will be available with unique KickbackStop. 

“Dangerous kickbacks will be a thing of the past with our new cordless plunge-cut saw, as we have made it even safer with the new unique KickbackStop”, explains Boris Seyfried, product manager at Festool. “Kickback is the most common cause of serious injuries when using a plunge-cut saw.

“Safety is a very important topic for us. Should kickback occur when sawing and plunging into the workpiece, our intelligent KickbackStop technology ensures that the saw blade in our cordless plunge-cut saw stops in the blink of an eye. This stops the backwards motion of the saw, which not only protects the workpiece but also reduces the risk of injury to a minimum.” 

“In the future, thanks to our new sawblade generation, and concentrated torque provided by the new TSC 55 K, you can work up to twice as fast – with an extended battery range. The result means maximum cutting performance, combined with perfect cutting quality. 

“Unfortunately, there is still a tendency to think that cordless saws cannot deliver the same performance. This is not the case with our new cordless plunge-cut saw. There is no noticeable difference, because the combination of the latest-generation of brushless EC-TEC motor technology and the dual-battery system (2 x 18V) makes our new TSC as impressively powerful as a mains-powered tool – whilst providing full mobility”, says Boris, pointing out that the latest sawblade generation also ensures both fast work progress and precise cutting quality. 

The masterpiece, decisively improved – the new corded TS 55 F is now twice as fast

“Our plunge-cut saws have always stood out with their absolute precision cuts, maximum power and extreme durability,” Boris continues. “The reliability and cutting quality remain unchanged, but the working speed is unprecedented – now the new TS 55 F will be able to saw up to twice as fast.

“With their reduced cutting width, new teeth shapes and new carbide saw teeth, the new sawblades, which are perfectly designed for our plunge-cut saws, ensure a high degree of cutting quality and extended service life – while maintaining a consistent cutting quality.”

For optimal results, the saw system is rounded off with smart system accessories such as guide rails, angle stops and a saw table, and tried-and-tested details such as a splinter guard and dust extraction system, both perfectly suited to the tool. 

“Our new plunge-cut saws deliver excellent work results and a top-class sawing system – for every challenge,” says Boris.

An “unbeatable” pairing – the new TSC 55 cordless plunge-cut saw and TPC percussion drill

The new TSC 55 K cordless plunge-cut saw and the equally new TPC cordless percussion drill are an unbeatable pairing in any work situation, states Festool – whether being used for sawing or screwdriving.

The new plunge-cut saws and sawblades will be available at specialist retailers from April.