MINIPRESS top is the new enhanced version of MINIPRESS P – with even more features to aid all vertical and horizontal drilling operations within a single machine.

Horizontal drilling unit

MINIPRESS top means only one machine for all vertical and horizontal drilling operations. The horizontal drilling unit of MINIPRESS top allows precision drilling operations, for example, making it useful for dowels and connectors. Speed and depth have been enhanced, with a new feature whereby, after breaking the drilling surface, the drill will slow down, giving a much more precise and cleaner hole.

New features enable fast and accurate handling, helping you optimise your work processes, for more precision, efficiency and quality. Combined with EASYSTICK for dynamic handling of the X & Y axis, the MINIPRESS top is a perfect package for all drilling operations on cabinets, doors and fronts.

Digitalised work processes

MINIPRESS top combines with EASYSTICK to digitalise planning and manufacturing. You can either plan directly onto the machine or use a USB memory stick to transfer your data from Cabinet Configurator – quickly and simply. Imported manufacturing data can be easily retrieved and edited.

The EASYSTICK computer also allows you to enter settings directly onto MINIPRESS top. Enter the cabinet data, front dimensions, select your fittings and voilà – EASYSTICK will calculate the drilling positions for you.

Vertical drilling unit moves automatically to the right position

MINIPRESS top combined with EASYSTICK automatically gives you the right stop positions. The vertical drilling unit moves along the y-axis automatically while the worktable and ruler stay in the same position – simple setup for precise results.

MINIPRESS top allows you to carry out centre line drilling for deep cabinets made possible by the large depth adjustment of the vertical drilling unit (up to 350 mm). The MINIPRESS top also has an optional full suite of swappable heads that allow for different drilling patterns. 

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